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Cryptocurrency Market Review

Available crypto assets sorted by market cap.
Key metrics such as closing price, total and available coin supply,
trading volume and percentage of price change.

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Microsoft fires metaverse experts

Microsoft fires metaverse experts

The latest round of layoffs at Microsoft, which has announced it will cut its workforce by as many as 10,000 jobs, appears to be hitting key VR (virtual reality) and metaverse teams. The company ...

Experts predict the future price of BTC

Experts predict the future price of BTC

The price of bitcoin is expected to increase in 2023, but experts asked for their forecasts by do not believe that the cryptocurrency will break the $30,000 level. Experts wonder about the ...

Stabilization or correction?

Stabilization or correction? Po will increase by over $7,000, or 43 percent. in just 22 days, Bitcoin has stabilized slightly below the $23,000 level for some time, where the upward ...

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